Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

Aside from a few Chinese New Year baked goods, I’ve not made a lot of cookies in my life. Since Andy and I had been living on a shoestring budget, I have deprived him from buying things like cookies. I thought that I should make this phase of our lives a bit more enjoyable, so I had decided to whip up a batch of oatmeal cookies.

I found an easy recipe online from Joy of Baking, and after making sure that I have all the ingredients stocked up in the kitchen, I jumped right into making these yummy chewy cookies. These cookies can easily pass as breakfast if you ask me, LOL!

A few notes about the ingredients that I’ve used:

  • I always and only buy pure cane sugar. Dominos brand is cheap and easily available in the US. They make both white and brown sugar.
  • I always and only use unbleached flour. King Arthur is sold at Meijer in Michigan and they are not expensive.
  • I am an advocate of using organic products whenever feasible. Even though we are tightening our belts, we still buy organic milk and butter.
  • Get to know your oven. Every oven is different and it might take more or less time to bake your creations. If you can afford an oven thermometer, check to see if your oven temperature is accurate. It took me more like 25 mins to bake these cookies but I think that is also because I did not flatten them enough prior to putting them in the oven.
  • I used Quaker brand oats.
  • I used my hands to shape the dough into balls and then flatten them prior to baking. Wet hands first. Besides, when you are done shaping them, the mixture of oats, sugar and butter makes for great hand exfoliant!

And now it’s time for me to make vegetarian reubens (will post that later) and bring them to the riverside for a picnic on an exceptional beautiful day. Seriously, it is like 10C degrees above average and the sun seems to refuse to set.


6 responses to “Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

  1. Ditto on the cane sugar! I actually use it because I find it to be less sweeter than refined sugar (bleck to that).

    And yes, those are awesome looking bakes!

  2. Thanks, Mabel. I find that cane sugar has more body, esp when it comes to brown sugar.

  3. I made oatmeal cookies a lot when I went home in the summer. I reduce a lot of sugar too. I made a lot of batches of it and made my family hooked to it. I made them too during the family gathering at my house. Everyone in the family liked it. lol…

  4. PY: Yes I do think that the recipe that I used was very sweet, esp with the chocolate chips. I would reduce the amt of sugar next time I make these…

  5. Can you send some to Korea?

  6. I can but it would be so much better if you come and get them right out of the oven 😛 When are u coming back?

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