Cooking Club – Gourmet Junk Food

This post is terribly late, but I’ve finally editted the pictures and here they are. My entry was Blackforest Twinkie Tiramisu, which was extremely easy to make. I’ll post the recipe when I get home. Jordana and Lisa wasn’t able to join us that night, and they have decided to put a hold on Cooking Club to concentrate on career/life. We will miss them! We now welcome Amarjot Gill, who is from Brampton and works at National Bank of Canada in Tecumseh with my hubby.

Here’s who made what…

  • Danielle – Caramel Candy Apple
  • Jillian – Maple Caramelized Poutine with Blue Cheese
  • Suzanne – Cherry Coke Chicken
  • Christine (me) – Blackforest Twinkie Tiramisu


3 responses to “Cooking Club – Gourmet Junk Food

  1. it all looks yummm!!!!!!! I love caramel apples and tiramisu!

  2. They were all good, but I can’t say about the chicken cuz I didn’t taste it… the poutine was expecially heavenly… ultimate comfort food 😛

  3. Hi christine,
    Ive been wanting to try tiramisu. hope u can post the recipe soon. and hopefully ur version wont contain any alcohol or non-halal item cz most that are selling in KL got alcohol that i cant consume. any cheesecake recipe?
    Btw even i didnt know u bt def will be regular cz i started to try putting my soul in cooking like what u did. thx cz u inspires me a lot!

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