A quick Hello and some X-rays…

I’m so sorry for not posting lately but I have chosen to allow myself the time and space to focus on getting better. I have a terrible tendency to get excited over little things, like writing my blog … I do get stressed out about not writing enough but that’s just too silly. With only one hand to type, it has been very infuriating at times. So instead of feeling like this, I’ve decided to just relax and chill instead of worrying over my blog.

Anyway I have begun rehab last Thursday and the physiotherapist requested for my X-rays and I was able to get them from the hospital. Here are some of them.


One of the screws might be too long which could be why I am having difficulty rotating my wrist to place my palm facing down. I may have to go back 6-9 mths later to remove that screw once my elbow is more stable and that the bone has healed.
I am only taking Tylenol right now for pain once in a blue moon. Acupuncture and chinese herbs have helped tremendously along with a generous dose of prayers from friends and family. Faith has kept me going strong as well. I am progressing very well in rehab and am able to use my left hand to wash my hair, open water bottles and even touch my nose with only 3 visits! I am very excited and grateful to be able to do the mundane daily stuff again. LOL!!

2 responses to “A quick Hello and some X-rays…

  1. Get well soon… we miss your cake stories.

  2. Hi Min, I posted my last post just for you! Thanks for staying tuned while I deal with my injury 🙂

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