Road to Recovery

It’s been 20 days past surgery and I am doing better each day.. but I soon found out that recovery is a lot more painful than the accident or surgery itself! My left arm is encasted in a $300 elbow brace most of the time, so I have not been able to utilize my arm much at all, but I do see that I am reaching new limits on a daily basis. I am supposed to only remove the brace for shower/bath, but sleeping with it has been very uncomfortable. Nonetheless, my somewhat diligence did payoff because I am now able to comfortably face my palm inwards so that I can effectively use the handle bar on the brace for leverage.

As with those of you who are Chinese or of Asian descent, you know that I am supposed to follow some guidelines for as long as I am recovering. I thought this might be an intersting thing to write about on my blog… Some of the things that are forbidden to me are:

  • Soy sauce or any dark sauces (because they will give you an unsightly dark/pigmented scar)
  • Seafood (This will make you itch, luckily I’m vegetarian.. no problem here)
  • Mushrooms (Again, another itchy ingredient)
  • Spicy food (I didn’t know why until I had some and boy, I was very irritated… I thought I would never stop taking spicy food, but look at me now!)
  • Egg (not sure why…)

I’m not sure about the rest of you, but it has been tough for me to omit these stuff out of my daily meals (except for seafood). I did cheat though, I had been having some soy sauce, but I figure I am naturally tanned anyway, so I might be able to get away with a “coloured” scar, LOL!

Most vegetarian foodstuff are flavoured with mushroom… so I didn’t really adhere to this either but I have been lucky that I have not itched thus far. I do remember being itchy whenever I consume mushrooms when I was younger though…

I have been popping painkiller quite a bit to deal with the pain, but Oxycontin (ratio-oxycocet) does some pretty bad stuff to you. Because I’m little, perhaps these side effects are more imminent on me. After biting on my lips quite often, having some constipation, fever at dusk, feeling chilly on the outside but hot on the inside, headaches and insomnia, I’ve decided to reseach on (traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to remedify my symptoms. I am having what the Chinese people call “kah foh”, or “fake heatiness”.

I also had been feeling very weak since the surgery, so I knew that I needed to take something to restore my “blood vitality” or “pou huet”. The Chinese people believe that “Where the blood flows, that’s where the Qi flows”. I probably bled a lot during my surgery, thus resulting on Qi leakage. I needed to get on the ball quickly to:

  1. Cool my body from heatiness, and
  2. Restore my “blood vitality”

My family does business in the Chinese herb industry you see, but I’m not one to claim that I know much about TCM at all. I went to the Chinese Herb store with Andy’s mom and came home with 6 different types of herbs.

After speaking to my mom, I should have first focus on reducing my heatiness so that I can sleep at night, and then only consume herbs that restores my blood vitality… Oh well, we live and learn I hope I can sleep tonight though 😛

Oh and I accidentally boiled the herbs in a metal pot instead of a clay pot… oh boy… but it still tastes very yummy. Best tasting concoction I’ve had in a long time actually!

Anyway here’s a picture of me 10 days post surgery when the cast is removed, and me in my brace last week. More pictures and ingredients of the herbal soup in my next post as well as TCM and vegetarianism.

10 days post surgery

10 days post surgery

Trying my best to smile for this picture

Trying my best to smile for this picture


3 responses to “Road to Recovery

  1. Wooo…that looks painful…
    Wish you a speedy recovery!

  2. Thanks 🙂

  3. yay. good to know u r healing and keeping your head above the water. Keep on smiling.
    cant wait for u to be back in the kitchen.

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