The Organic Dilemma

Andy and I would like to buy more organic produce and enviromentally-friendly products but we have to admit that we feel the pinch everytime we check out at the cash register. At the moment, we are at about 70% organic consumers, but sometimes the pricetags are just horrendous for these organic stuff. 

One would think that if it’s a general consensus that organic is better for ALL OF US, then why aren’t the people who make these stuff helping us out by not causing sticker shock everytime we go grocery shopping? These decisions really gnaw at our conscience, because if we spend the extra money to buy organic, then our wallet feels the pinch. Meanwhile if we don’t buy organic, then subconsciously we think that we are poisoning ourselves. Nonetheless, to make it easy on ourselves these days we subscribe to the THINK GLOBAL, BUY LOCAL motto to support another important cause, i.e. to reduce our carbon footprints 🙂

To illustrate our point, here are two articles that I’d like to share. Much has been written about this on the WWW also.

Sticker Shock in the Organic Aisles

Eating Better than Organic (thanks to Danielle of MapleSyrupandPoutine for sharing this with me)

What about you? How do you deal with this issue (if it is an issue for you)?


3 responses to “The Organic Dilemma

  1. I totally agree. I try to buy organic whenever I can. It’s fresher and it taste better! But the price tags are horrendous. I am tempted to grow some stuff of my own. Lol. Wish me luck. I’ll just start with tomatoes and we’ll see how that goes. haha

  2. It is an issue for me. I try to buy organic as much as I can but as groceries prices soar, I find it nearly impossible to stick to the budget with organic products. It’s a shame. =(

  3. Ling, good luck with the tomatoes! I’m trying to get myself some Black Gold (compost) to feed my herbs. They are looking wimpy right now 😦
    Daphne, I feel your pain 😦

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