{Shameless Plug} Our cooking club on local paper…

I’m writing this real quick to announce that the local cooking club that I’m a part of has been featured here. Enlarge the pictures on the left of the article to see a small picture of me 😛 I’ve included the picture here on this post as well. I’ll pick up a copy of the local paper tomorrow so that I have a hard copy for remembrance.

Meanwhile, I’m waiting for my Hummingbird Cake for my last cake deco class to be done in the oven…


11 responses to “{Shameless Plug} Our cooking club on local paper…

  1. Oh, I click on the link and saw the news ‘organ donors on the rise’ and thought that was you ! Sorry.. anyway can’t see anything from the picture Christine, too small. And you’re looking down.. anyway, congrats !

  2. yay for you! great article in today’s paper!

  3. Thanks, Min and pc 🙂 Min, the photographer didn’t stay long with us, it’s too bad that he wasn’t there to take pictures of the finished dishes, but you can check them out in the “Cooking Club” category in this blog.

  4. w00ts for being in the newspaper!
    From the picture, I am guessing you are the one on the left seeing that you’re the only asian there.

  5. Ling: Yea, I am the only Asian in the group 😛

  6. Congratulations!

    Wondering if you want to contribute some recipe ideas in 25 words or less to my new (free!) blog: How not to be a chef?!?! Would love to see what you come up with…



  7. Hi Kristina! Oooo a challenge, me likes. I’ll hv to think about what I can submit other than making instant noodles in 25 words 😛

  8. happy lar u….get to be in newspaper…what’s next? own tv show? then got own record? then got MTV??
    p.s:i’m a pro in making instant noodles :-p

  9. Chris: instant noodles are just fine too… funnily enough, in my tortellini soup post yesterday the original version had a photo of a 12 pack as an emergency backup. 🙂

    My instant noodles recipe in 25 words or less…

    Put stock pouch from one pack ramen noodles in two cups water- remove foil first! Add soy and hot sauces, vinegar, noodles. Boil three minutes.

    heh heh.

    Try it – it’s fun!

  10. get Maggi Mee! and follow instructions…ready in 3 mins!

  11. wow congrats! i envy you, i cant cook 😛

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