Zesty Cuban Mojito Jambalaya

This is a quick and easy one using Trader Joe’s Cuban Mojito pre-made simmer sauce. I added leftover white+brown jasmine rice, a can of black beans, diced tomatoes and some spinach to the sauce, cooked over the stove top just enough to simmer. This allow the sauce to be absorbed into the leftover rice.

I then sprinkled some lemon rind zest, grated romano cheese and juice from a lemon wedge prior to chowing down. Very lemony!! Tastes like summer in my mouth already!!


6 responses to “Zesty Cuban Mojito Jambalaya

  1. Looks good.
    Especially at 12.43am. 🙂

  2. where did you find the simmer sauce?? TJ’s discontinued it a while ago and I’ve been searching for more

  3. Really?? That’s too bad! We bought the sauce a while ago and that was our last jar 😦

  4. I email Trader Joe’s to let them know I miss their Cuban Mojito simmer sauce. They wrote back and said it was discontinued because of slow sales. They said occaisionally items are reintroduced if there is enough interested from customers. If you liked the Cuban Mojito sauce and want it to come back, go to the Trader Joe’s website and leave a comment about it.

  5. Thanks, ddp. There are a few things from a few seasons ago that I miss at TJ. I will let them know about it 🙂

  6. I too just found out that they are no longer making this wonderful sauce…I ask/begged them to bring it back.
    It was wonderful and I have one jar that I’ve been saving for several months, opening it tonight to use as the sauce for a black bean/chicken pizza! Yummy!

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