Seafood Stuffed Shitakes

Andy and I love mushrooms. We have not found a type of mushrooms that we dislike yet. I have two big bags of dried shitakes from Toronto that I love to include in my mundane stir fries. I also like to stuff my vegetables. So this time I had decided to marry the two and used minced soy fish and diced zucchinis to stuff the mushroom caps. I was also debating if I should steam the stuffed mushrooms or bake them. I thought baking would be easier and I like the crust formed on the top. I think steaming them would be just as good.

A few things that I would change in the future is to first marinate the mushrooms with some oil, salt and pepper if they were to be baked. The mushroom caps stuck to the foil when I removed them from the oven. However, this would not be necessary if they were steamed, unless one would like to infuse them with herbs, etc. I used Miracle Whip (mayonaise) as my binding agent (with corn starch) this time around, but for healthier alternative I would just add diced avocadoes instead to achieve the creaminess, but would still include corn starch.

The soy fish can be substituted with crab meat flakes (vegetarian or meat-cooked first), or perhaps even diced semi-firm tofu. 

As for the sauce, I think almost anything goes. I made mixed peas egg-flower sauce this time.

As usual, I do not measure my ingredients. I’m a slash and dash type of cook 😛


  • Shitake mushrooms, dirt and stem removed
  • Soy fish or crab meat, minced
  • Zucchini, diced finely to match the size of fish or crab meat
  • Mayonaise (just enough to thoroughly coat and bind the mixture), OR
  • Semi firm avocado (one will do), diced
  • Corn starch (just enough for the mixture to be sticky)
  • Salt and pepper, to taste
  • Lemon rind (if desired), grated 


  1. If using dried shitakes, pre-soak them in water a few hours to a day beforehand. Remove excess water by gently squeezing the mushrooms.
  2. If baking method is preferred, marinate the mushroom caps in olive oil. Pre-heat oven to 400F degree.
  3. Combine minced “fish” or “crab”, diced zucchinis, mayo and/or diced avocados in a bowl.
  4. Add salt and pepper to taste. Add cornstarch to the mixture and combine with your hand. The mixture should feel “sticky”. Grated lemon rind can be incorporated also.
  5. Stuff the mushroom caps with the mixture. You can use a teaspoon for this, but I like using my hand to shape the mixture into neat mounds.
  6. To bake: Bake stuffed mushroom caps for 10 minutes, and broil on high for another 10 or until the mixture starts to brown.
  7. To steam: Place stuffed mushroom caps on a flat dish and steam until the mixture is set.

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