Buttercream Recipe

I’ve been asked to share my buttercream recipe with quite a few people, and it is a recipe that I got from my cake decorating supply store in town called Joy’s Kitchen Magic in Dearborn. This is the same buttercream and I’ve used in all of my Wilton cake decorating classes despite what the textbook says 😛 This buttercream is truly white in colour.

The buttercream recipe below yields 6+ cups, (which is A LOT) I use to ice a whole 2 layer 8″ cake plus extras for class …You may want to just make half of this and store extras. They last quite awhile during the winter in Michigan. In hot climate you might need to store in the fridge. Whip them up with the electric mixer prior to using again.


  • 1 pound shortening (in M’sia popular good brand is Krimwell, in US it’s Sweetex) – room temperature
  • 1 pound white margarine – room temperature
  • 2 lbs. icing/confectioner’s sugar, sifted
  • 1 cup evaporated milk (water is OK too, but evaporated milk is yummier)
  • 1 tsp of flavouring (butter + vanilla, or butter + almond/orange, etc)


  • Cream shortening and margarine together on low to medium speed until fluffy and nicely incorporated.
  • Add flavouring, beat again.
  • Add sifted sugar and evaporated milk alternately until you get the consistency that you want.
  • Note: Use less milk if you want stiffer consistency.

Chocolate Flavoured Buttercream
For chocolate flavoured buttercream, simply add melted unsweetened chocolate to the regular buttercream until you achieve the chocolat-ey taste that you want. I like a lot of chocolate 😀 To get the colour that you want, you can add chocolate brown icing colour to the mixture due to melted chocolate to white icing ratio being relatively small.


11 responses to “Buttercream Recipe

  1. Hi, Min from KL. What is “white margerine”. Is it the usual margerine that we buy from supermarkets ? I think u r really talented. I would really love to attend the Wilton course but its so expensive here.. thanks.

  2. Hi Min,
    White margarine is the same thing, just white in colour. This is very important if you need a pure white buttercream. If you are not particular, regular margarine is OK too.

  3. “Buttercream Recipe”

    I have been looking for one of these recipes – looks great.

    I shall be very busy this weekend cooking a number of cakes and this one will be in amongst them.

    Great blog.

  4. I’m sorry, I seek your apologies before posting this, however I have to say this, a buttercream recipe without butter?
    I’m sorry again, I wouldn’t eat any frosting that is made from Krimwell.
    Pls try to omit the Krimwell & the margarine, & use pure butter instead, I promise you it tastes much, much better.

  5. Hi “anonymous”.. Yes many “butter”cream recipes do not contain butter because it works better for decoration. I’m sure using butter would taste better, but the recipe that I’ve been told to use is for Wilton cake decorating classes. If you don’t need to decorate with buttercream, I’m sure pure butter would be yummy 🙂 Shortening also does better with humidity compared to butter, also for decoration purposes.

  6. I know this post is older but I hope someone can help! I can’t find White margarine ANYWHERE. I have a buttercream recipe that calls for it and I usually substitute but I have a special request for *white* but I can’t find any locals that carry it or any manufacturers to order it from. If anyone knows where I could order it I would GREATLY appreciate it! thanks~

  7. Hi Brittany,
    You have to look for white margerine at local baking supply or cake decorating supply stores. It’s called Sweetex in Michigan.

  8. hi Chrislx

    I tried this recipe yesterday as i am also doing the Wilton course but find the class buttercream recipe disgustingly sweet…;)

    I had a few problems though. Firstly i used CRISCO shortening & FLORA bakers margarine with SIS brand sugar. After adding the whole amount of sugar the icing was still too soft. The consistency at this stage was thin. I think the qty of evaporated milk (RAINBOW) is too much or depends on the thickness of your product. Also the color of evaporated milk is sometimes a cream colour as is the case with rainbow and my icing turned offwhite. I added 1 thbsp meringue powder for crusting.
    Since as i mentioned earlier the class buttercream is too sweet i experimented with going backwards a bit. Instead of thickening the whole thing up and then thining i removed some for the covering of the cake and then added some more sugar. This gave the correct medium consistency. Removed some more and added some sugar and this gave me stiff consistency.
    Since the maximum coverage is the thin and has the least amount of sugar (1fat:1sugar)this was the yummiest. the medium (1fat:2 sugar)was ok but since you consume less of this its bearable. The stiff is almost a 1:3 ratio on fat/sugar so is the sweetest and you will probably just use it for roses. Class buttercream is 1 fat:4 sugar.

    Did you ever make roses with your recipe of buttercream?

  9. Hi Frenchmum,
    I have used this recipe for roses and it was OK. I was slow so I think it got soft, but the teacher was able to make beautiful roses with this buttercream because she was fast. I think I would use more sugar to stiffen them up for practice though. As for sugar brand, I used Domino pure cane sugar.

  10. Hi we are in south africa and cannot find any shortening here,in fact most peple dont even know what it is.What can we use to substitute the shortening as we are looking for a very creamy soft frosting to use on cupcakes

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