Wilton Course 3: Fondant Cake and Rose

I had been looking forward to this class for a long time. I have heard a lot about working with fondant, and how it tastes like. It was a jam-packed class, with so much to learn in 2 hours. I’ve made the marble cake on Monday which was lightly iced and I had decided that the fondant should be in “Tiffany” blue. The colour came out nicely, and then we had to make the bow. I was going to just plain white with the whole “Tiffany” theme but decided to go with canary yellow instead. So here’s my first fondant cake, whereby the “Tiffany” blue looks more like robin’s egg’s blue. I love it so much. As for the bead buttercream border, that didn’t go too well. I had invisioned them to be perfectly oval to be consistent with the whole Easter theme but obviously my skills are not quite there yet.
We also learned to make our first fondant rose, which I’m extremely proud off. I have a hard time making my roses with buttercream and royal icing, so this turned out to be much better!


10 responses to “Wilton Course 3: Fondant Cake and Rose

  1. Lovely! 🙂

    I think you’ll do just fine with fondant! SO jealous now coz all my baking stuff is still in M’sia. Gah.

  2. Thx Mabel… I’d just burnt my fingers yesterday so I won’t be playing with fondant for a while 😦

  3. Never mind, never mind. Concentrate on getting them better! 🙂

    Aloe helps…but in the meantime, painkillers will do the trick too. XD

  4. Hehe… I’ve got codeine 😛

  5. Love your cake! Can you tell me how much fondant it took to decorate it? (I have to make this cake next week for class… and I want to make sure I take enough!)

  6. Hi Cherie, thx for ur compliment. If you make an 8″ X 8″ X 4″ cake like mine, I believe you’ll need at least 36 oz. of fondant just to cover it. Check out this link for guide: http://www.wilton.com/wedding/makecake/fondant/fondantamounts.cfm Have fun in class!!!

  7. i lost all my recipes it is bad:(

  8. Anyone know what colours to use to dye the fondant a Tiffany blue colour? What about makeing the bow have a shiny appearance?

  9. Carmen, the fondant was dyed in Turquoise by Americolor. To give the bow some shine, you can try brushing some pearl dust on them. HTH!

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