Marble Cupcake with Chocolate & Vanilla Buttercream

I was making a cake for tomorrow’s Wilton cake decorating class and I was trying to get creative with a box of yellow cake mix. I’ve used different fillings before, so I thought I’d try to make marble cake instead. I was looking for an easy way to make it without using too much extra ingredients, and one of the recipe I found simply required me to mix melted unsweetened chocolate with 1/3 of the yellow cake batter. Simple enough, I thought, except that when I poured it into the 8X8 pan, the batter overflowed! So I quickly lined a muffin pan with paper cups and poured the remaining batter in to make cupcakes.

They turned out quite good, but I should probably have added more sugar and melted butter or sour cream so that they chocolate parts are more moist. For the cake itself, I halved the cake when it was done and cooled, and spread leftover chocolate buttercream as filling and then covered with a light layer of vanilla buttercream icing so that it is ready to be covered in fondant tomorrow in class. I’m excited!

As for the cupcakes, I filled a piping bag with both vanilla and chocolate buttercream and piped a swirl on top. The swirls look like soft-serve ice cream! Andy was happy to see them ready for his belly 😀


2 responses to “Marble Cupcake with Chocolate & Vanilla Buttercream

  1. From where I am sitting, the cupcakes looks great.
    I like the chocolate + vanilla swirl

  2. haha! Thanks, Ling! You cannot tell that I used the wrong tip to make the swirl. I only had a 2D (drop flower) tip but I meant to use a XL star tip, which I don’t have 😛

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