Steamed Cauliflower with White Sauce


My dad made this for us all the time no matter if we’re having rice or potatoes for dinner, and I had just garnered enough guts to attempt the white sauce this past week. It turned out OK, but I could probably use less flour or cook it over the stovetop for a bit longer to remove the “floury” taste. Nonetheless, it came close. To completely remove the clumps, I stuck my food blender in the pot and blend until I got the sauce to completely smoothen and gives the back of the spoon a silky coat.

To make the white sauce, melt butter in a pan and add a few teaspoons of white flour over low heat. Gradually add milk into the pan by the spoonfuls and while removing clumps with the ladle/spatula. Season with salt. Pour over the steamed cauliflowers (or any vegetables or dish) and season with freshly cracked black pepper.


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