Spinach Egg Drop Soup with Fresh Tofu

Because outside looked like this today (see below), Andy demanded that we have a big pot of soup on the stove to survive this historic day. The news reported that this storm system is the worse in decades, and being in Windsor, i.e. the southernmost part of Canada, it is not typical for us to get over a foot of snow in a day.

Soup was easy to make. We simply boil a pot of water (or broth) and added fresh spinach into the pot when the water starts to boil. We then turned the heat way down to avoid overcooking the vegetables, and tossed in sliced fresh white mushrooms. After letting the mushroom soften in the pot, we added seasoned the pot of soup with vegetable seasoning, salt, and white pepper. Just before turning off the heat, we added in beaten eggs and cubed fresh tofu. We added a dash of soy sauce and a few cracks of the black pepper grinder and that was it!


4 responses to “Spinach Egg Drop Soup with Fresh Tofu

  1. Very healthy choice. Looks good too, coz the green’s not overcooked. With a weather like that, you should have cooked something hot and spicy.

  2. I did, but hadn’t posted yet 😛 lazy…

  3. Hey Chris,
    My aunt Ping told me that spinach and tofu can’t be eaten together because some sort of crystal forms that’s not good for you. Have you heard anything like that?

  4. Hi Ade! Welcome back! Yes, my friend told me about the “lethal” combination. The combi creates too much calcium for the body, but I don’t see how that is possible since vegan scrambled “eggs” are made from tofu and spinach, and there has not been any scientific proof that it can be lethal.

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