Baking Adventure

I had just begun my Wilton Cake Decorating classes and I’m extremely excited to learn about all there is about cake decorating. It’s a huge learning curve for me since I’m not at all a baker. The first cake I’ve ever baked was 12 years ago and it was a complete failure. That really put me off baking for a looonnggg time… Nonetheless, I’m forced to bake and frost a cake every cake now so that I can decorate it in class. Andy and my co-workers are extremely happy since I’ll be feeding them a lot of cakes.

My first cake was simply a yellow cake made from a boxed cake mix, but boy oh boy…. there’s much to be learned about baking, even if one chooses to use a ready-made cake mix. I had a battle with my hand-cracked double sifter the first time and ended up throwing that out after baking my first cake. I’ve learned that if one is not ready for a messy kitchen, then one should not venture into baking, or perhaps garner one’s self with a lot of patience towards having flour, crumbs, icing and plenty of bowls and kitchen utensils lying around during this task. Such a person is me. I cannot stand to have a messy or disorganized kitchen. I found myself constantly rearranging my tools while working on my cupcakes.

Nonetheless, here are a few results from my much immature experience as a cake baker and decorator.

The first cake deco class assignment was stars, and here is a picture of it. The rest of the cake is just mediocre. Nonetheless, my colleagues ate up the whole cake, no complains 😛 . Then I made some cupcakes for my hb’s colleague’s Christmas party, along with some Chipotle Cream Cheese wontons, but they were all eaten up before I took a picture. Making cupcakes and frosting them is a lot of work!! I had a major headache and was extremely tired by the time I was done with them. The decorations were inspired by Cuppacakes.blogpsot [dot] com Christmas cupcakes. There is still much for me to improve on, from baking to frosting to handling the piping bag. A strong wrist is required along with unending attention to detail and patience.

My cupcakes were too full, they grew “muffin tops” and there was nothing I could do about it. I tried shaving the top off, but the cake was too crumbly (Devil’s Food cake), hence the frosting was “contaminated”. That’s why I stuck with the dome shaped cupcakes and my Christmas trees were out of shape. I’ll really have to work on the right amount of batter for the cupcakes to avoid this in the future.


14 responses to “Baking Adventure

  1. Your cupcakes are decorated very nicely for a first timer!

  2. ei ei!!! go open bakery shop la!!! nice la the cupcakes…next time no need order for father’s day or daddy’s birthday juz ask u make can edi hahahaha

  3. Thanks, YM (banana in beijing)! Thanks, Maine! There is still a lot to improve… Maybe this is just beginner’s luck? 😛

  4. They really turned out nicely….
    I think your are a prefectionist!!!

  5. Daxa,
    I’ll try to make some this week so that I can drop them off at RSY…

  6. I think your cupcakes look really good! If this is your first attempt, then imagine how awesome they will be on your second, third, or fourth… Christine, you’re really talented!

  7. Hehe… only time will tell 😛 Thanks, Max!

  8. Can i leave you my address again? I think the cupcakes will still be quite fresh if you send my courier. pretty pretty please…. it’ll make the lil one so happy 😛

  9. If you come with ur lil’ one in the future, I’ll make better ones for you peoples 🙂

  10. it’s good looking, dear, but mum will not let me eat,anyway let N D eat it, Keep going dear.

  11. The comment above by Chermaine was actually made by my dad, but he doesn’t know how to log in as himself 😛

  12. yeala…everytime use my name…confuse ppl oni…haih…juz now i read also like “huh?!?! i wrote this?!?!”

  13. Hi there,
    This is a friend of Doris. She told me about your blog and as a cupcake fanatic, I had to check it out for myself. Your cupcakes are absolutely adorable! I can’t believe they are your first attempts.. Have you considered selling them online? I bet they would be a hit. There’s a good cupcake market out there.. ie. I just bought a basket of 9 cupcakes from for $45+25 delivery fee, and while they were good, they don’t look as cute as yours!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  14. Hi Celine!
    Thanks for checking my blog out! I’ll try my best to keep the adventures coming 🙂

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