Wonton Noodles with Vegetable Curry

We had leftover wonton noodles from last night, so I made a simple vegetable curry with okra, eggplant, tomatoes and tau foo pok to go with the noodles.

My curry varies depending on whatever I can dig out of the fridge. For this version, here’s what I have included:

Mix 1 cup of curry powder (any mix you like) with water to turn into a thick paste. Add a few tablespoons of oil into this mixture.
1 cup of blended chili. You can use chili boh if you like, but since I don’t have any, I blended some chipotle chili intead.
1 can of coconut milk
1 thumbsize ginger, grated finely
Handful of Mustard seed
Okra (bendi), eggplant (brinjal), tomatoes, tau foo pok
I wish that I had serai, but didn’t get it since this is last minute

If using brinjal, fry in hot oil and set aside.
Heat 3 tablespons of oil. Fry mustard seed in hot oil until they start to pop. Add grated ginger and fry until fragrant.
Add curry paste mixture into the oil and fry until fragrant.
Pour chili paste into the curry mixture and mix until combined.
Add bendi and tomatoes into the mixture and coat evenly.
Pour in vegetable broth to dilute the mixture. Let the vegetables cook in the broth until semi-softened.
Add in tau foo pok to the simmering pot.
Add in the can of coconut milk and mix evenly when the vegetables are almost done.

Season with salt and brown sugar. Stir in the brinjal prior to serving.
Garnish with fresh beansprouts and parsley. Also include a wedge of lime/lemon if a little hint of sourness is desired.


5 responses to “Wonton Noodles with Vegetable Curry

  1. YUM YUM! Can I have one order pleaseee?! ^o^

  2. OK I’ll make you anything you want from this blog when you come visit me 😀

  3. Andy left me a comment as me again :@ !!!

  4. Another yummy-looking dish again. Somehow i find this one of the best combinations around. Think i’ll have dry noodles with curry sauce for lunch too 🙂

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