Century Egg Rice Porridge (Congee)

Success, at last!! laugh.gif

My porridge is finally smooth and creamy! I took some friends’ advice and soaked the washed, uncooked rice in a few teaspoon of oil for about 10 mins prior to cooking. Also, I used short grain rice this time (sushi rice) and used hot water to cook the porridge, and keep adding hot water to the pot if it needed more water.
I cooked it over medium heat, stirring every 15 mins or so, and when the rice was all broken, I did not add anymore water and let it simmer over low heat to thicken.

This is the best Pei Tan Chuk I’ve ever had laugh.gif I also added some diced carrots in the porridge for flavour, and some sea salt to season the porridge. To flavour the porridge further just prior to serving, I added a dash of white pepper, a few drops of toasted sesame oil and soy sauce. I used fresh enoki mushrooms (kum chum goo / “golden needle mushrooms”), diced century eggs (pei tan), julienned ginger, yau char gwai (Chinese donuts) and cilantro to garnish. The garnish is what makes a rice porridge complete.

It was so good that Andy finished the pot of porridge before I could get to seconds… I am very proud of this success because rice porridge is quite a staple to the Chinese people. I can finally sleep peacefully at night. LOL!


14 responses to “Century Egg Rice Porridge (Congee)

  1. Yummy yummy! I usually ‘cheat’ just use slow cooker or ‘magic pot’ to cook porridge and it gives a smooth & creamy texture. Have tried the tradiotional way but too troublesome as have to keep stirring. I like the way you garnish it. 🙂

  2. Forgot to ask, do you have to cook the enoki mushroom?

  3. Thanks, Daisy! No, I did not cook the enoki mushrooms. Overcooked enoki will become very tough and stringy, and tend to stick between my teeth. The trick is to make sure that the congee is still hot when you add the enoki mushrooms in, that’s enough heat to soften them for consumption. Good luck!

  4. oh, thanks! oops i have been overcooked them all the time then!

  5. I used this method ever since I worked in bakery and saw the aunty cooked
    > in this way. Sometimes i am lazy, i will use oil and salt or chicken stock
    > marinated the rice for about 10 minutes. For the enoki mushroom, I would
    > agree with CL. It can stimulate your immune system if you eat it cook within
    > 3 mins. If the congee is hot enough, I think it will be “cooked”. For
    > mine–meat version, i used dry oyster, scallops, pei tan. After it is
    > ready, i will put ginger, cilantro, white pepper, sesame oil and plus one raw
    > egg.:) (p/s: make sure it is hot enough)

  6. Great dish Chris. I love the presentation.
    Yes, I usually cheat with rice cooker on congee mode.

    Great work.

  7. Thanks, Mel. I wish my rice cooker has congee mode, then I don’t have to worry about burning the pot on the stove. LOL!

  8. Thanks so much. I love congee and didn’t know how to cook it.


  9. Thanks, Jo. Good luck with your maiden pot of congee!

  10. great dish … i’m so hungry as i love congee too!

  11. Thanks, Claire!

  12. Nice site keep it up!


  13. miserylovescompany

    i don get it………..

  14. What don’t you get?

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