Balinese Congee (Rice Porridge)


I had been sick for almost a week now, hence the last of posts. Andy made me soup ABC Vegetable Soup but that’s nothing to shout about 😛

Ever since our trip to Bali back in June after our wedding, I had been drooling over the congee that we had at the hotel. The toppings were endless and needless to say, yummy. Since I’m on “sick-people-diet” I figure this is my once chance to replicate the dish.

The dish is actually very simply, simply cook 1 cup of rice (medium-grain) with about 8 cups of water in a pot, uncovered, stirring constantly. I used my non-stick rice cooker so that I can keep the congee warm and avoid scrubbing the bottom of the pot when we’re done. You might need more or less water, depending on your rice.

You can get pretty creative with the toppings/garnish. In Bali, they had shredded chicken, roasted peanuts, sauteed shallots and garlic, chopped chives/green onion, tung hoon (glass noodle), and perhaps a few more items. Then you drizzle some regular soy sauce, sweet Indonesian soy sauce, and hot sauce. Add a dash of pepper and you’re set to go!

I added frozen edamame and greens in my congee, because I think I need the fiber. I also added fried soy-salted fish to mine 😛 Too bad I ran out of “choy-poh” (preserved cabbage), otherwise that would have been great in this as well.

Anyway, I know my parents will yell their heads off if they know that I’m sick and still eating spicy and fried food, but I can’t taste anything else, except HOT and MSG 😛

One response to “Balinese Congee (Rice Porridge)

  1. My type of food. Simple, easy to eat and not too complicating.

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