Sambal Tomyum Okra / Ladies Fingers

A sweet and sour, Thai influenced Malaysian dish. I used a special marinade made from diced serai / lemongrass that I bought in Sabah, Malaysia but I don’t recall the name of it. The marinade gives the regular tomyum paste a special mellow kick to the dish.

Sautee the serai marinade or fresh serai (lemongrass) in some oil and then add in tomyum paste into the oil. Ginger and garlic may be used if desired. Fry until fragrant before adding in the okra / ladies finger.

Mix a few teaspoons of tomyum paste with hot water in a bowl and add them into the wok to help with the okra’s cooking process. Lemon juice can be used if the tomyum paste is not sour enough, or simply squeeze fresh lemons on the okra just prior to serving.

Season with sugar and salt.


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